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Welcome to another Hidden Gems of Las Vegas. Today, we explore the question, is Fox Ridge Park in Henderson haunted? That question has been looming for years. Check out our video.

According to the book Weird Las Vegas and Nevada, many locals, and paranormal groups, Fox Ridge Park in Henderson IS haunted. The haunting takes place by a little boy who was killed by a drunk driver. Apparently, this little boy doesn’t do your typical haunting by just moving things and you can’t see him. What the boy does is show himself swinging on the swings. When you approach him, his face contorts into the face of a demon, then he disappears.

One could say that it’s an urban legend, but Haunted Vegas Tours had it on their route as a place to get out and stretch your legs. While there, many tour goers took some really strange photos.

Legend has it, the best time to see anything paranormal is to visit about 1 am. That’s when the park gets eerily silent except for the faint voice of a child saying, goodbye. I mean, that would make almost anyone not want to visit the park. Hence why we decided to do the video you see above, in the daytime.

There are a ton of cool things in Las Vegas that many people don’t really know about, as people tend to just stay on the strip. We suggest picking up the book Weird Las Vegas. Some of the things in the book are no longer in Las Vegas, as the city changes so rapidly. But the book is still worth picking up and has many relevant stories.

If you want your own copy of Weird Las Vegas and Nevada: Your Alternative Travel Guide to Sin City and the Silver State, click the image below.

Should you want to see if Foxridge Park in Henderson is haunted for yourself, below is a map of its location.

About Foxridge Park

Besides Foxridge Park supposedly being haunted, it’s actually a nice 4 acre park and has severa amenities, like: an amphitheater, ball field, barbecues, half-court basketball, covered picnic shelters, open grass area, picnic tables, playground, restrooms, and a walking course.

Foxridge Park
Foxridge Park