Las Vegas Tips and Secrets

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After being asked many times, “what are some tips for my trip,” I decided to put together some Las Vegas Tips and Secrets to improve your trip to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Tips and Secrets
Las Vegas Tips and Secrets

First, let’s start off by answering a few frequently asked questions.

  • No, I do not live in a hotel.
  • No, I do not go to the Las Vegas Strip every night.
  • Yes, I actually live in Las Vegas (some people think I commute here every day).
  • No, all pretty women that live here are not cocktail waitresses or strippers.
  • No, prostitution isn’t legal in Las Vegas, which is part of Clark County. You have to go to Nye County for that.

Now that I’ve gotten those out of the way, you probably want to find out more of what I know about Las Vegas. The tips and secrets below should help your vacation go a little bit smoother.

Las Vegas Tips and Secrets

Whether this is your first trip to Las Vegas or you’ve been coming here for years, you’ll find some useful tips and secrets here.

The first and probably the biggest tip we can give is to not go the cheapest route possible when visiting Las Vegas. That includes what transportation you take to get to Las Vegas and use while you’re here, where you decide to stay, where you decide to eat, and how you decide to be entertained.

Now, don’t get us wrong, being savvy with your spending is good when going on vacation, but don’t let it control everything.

Las Vegas Hotels Rooms Tips

EVERY hotel has several different types of rooms. Some rooms are top of the line while other rooms may have you questioning why you decided to stay there. For instance, one room may have a gorgeous view of the Strip, while another has a view of a roof full of air conditioners.

Not only that but other factors that could make your room choice unpleasant are if the room is far from the taxi stand, it has old decor, it’s not close to the restaurants or other attractions, or maybe the room is next to the monorail or tram station. They can be loud, especially if you’re trying to relax in your room.

Our suggestion when choosing a Las Vegas hotel room is to shoot for the middle price when booking. That way you get a decent room at a decent price.

If you haven’t booked your room yet, we recommend using this website to do so. Why book your room in advance? Well, usually, you can get your room cheaper ahead of time. Be mindful of dates you want to visit though. If there is a big event (sports, award show, New Year’s Eve, etc) in town that weekend or a convention in town that week, your room will be more expensive than normal. Here’s a link to the LVCVA’s website so you can check out the convention schedule and plan accordingly.

Las Vegas Shows & Tours Tips

Another thing you should book in advance is your show tickets. We recommend using this website to do so. While Las Vegas is known as a city where you can arrive with ZERO plans and still have a great time, getting some show tickets do require planning. Why? You don’t want to assume that the days you’ll be in Las Vegas are the same days a show is playing. You’ll want to make sure that the show you want to see isn’t “dark” (their day off) on the days you visit.

In addition to the shows, Las Vegas has some of the best tours, simply because it has quite a diversity of things to do. Not only can you check out things on the Strip, but you can go off of it as well. Maybe you’re into the outdoors. Vegas is really close to a lot of National Parks and recreation areas like the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

You can also take helicopter rides, shoot guns, drive exotic cars, check out immersive art exhibits, and so much more. Las Vegas isn’t just gambling. You can have an amazing time without ever gambling once.

If you’re on a budget, check out some free Las Vegas attractions.

Las Vegas Gambling Tips

For those of you who do like to gamble, we haven’t forgotten about you. After all, for many decades, the lifeblood of Las Vegas was gambling.

So, what’s the best way to gamble, especially if you’re a casual gambler?

Know ahead of time how much you want to spend specifically on gambling and don’t deviate from that amount. When you go into a casino your money is turned into tickets or chips, so it’s very easy to forget that you are actually playing with money.

Many people want to know where the best place to gamble is, and the best answer I can give is, where ever you feel most comfortable gambling. Besides the casinos, you can gamble in many places, like the airport, the grocery store, even at a convenience store.

One thing you should do before you gamble is to get a player’s card. This card will help you earn points. You’ll be able to use those points for freebies. Every player’s card system is different. So make sure you get the details from the player’s club rep before you start gambling. Some places only give you points for the money you spend on gambling, while others, like MGM Rewards, will give you points for every dollar you spend on their properties.

The best tip we can give when it comes to casual gambling is that when you double your money, take your original money and put it away. That way you’re playing with the casino’s money. If you end up zeroing out with the casino’s money, you still have your original investment.

In Closing…

We look forward to you having an amazing time while you’re in Las Vegas and hope that the tips above help you gain a lifetime of memories while on your Las Vegas vacation.

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