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Lucky Foos Restaurant & Bar brings a distinctive social dining experience to the Green Valley area as an “American Izakaya,” a Japanese term for a dynamic dining and drinks destination where family and friends get together for food, cocktails and socializing.

Lucky Foos Interior Sushi Bar
Lucky Foos Interior Sushi Bar

Located at 8955 S. Eastern Ave. at the high-traffic intersection of the I-215 Beltway, Lucky Foos opened last month, serving a menu that combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors with American cuisine.

“The Green Valley area is bustling with new businesses and activity,” says Lucky Foos owner and managing partner, Michael Fuller. “We are excited to have Lucky Foos be a part of that excitement, and have received a warm welcome from our neighbors.”

With an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and cuisine, Executive Chef Shawn Giordano, whose experience spans London, Italy, Hawaii and New York, has developed a menu full of innovative dishes that blend Japanese, Thai and Mediterranean ingredients and techniques with classic American dishes. Using a robata grill as the anchor of the kitchen, the focus of Lucky Foo’s menu are dishes that are fresh, flavorful and healthy. Using a traditional Japanese coal called binchotan, which burns at 1,000 degrees, the robata grill cooks food faster, sealing in the delicious juices of Lucky Foos signature dishes. Lucky Foo’s also offers happy hour, children’s and late-night menus.

Lucky Foos Interior Dining Room
Lucky Foos Interior Dining Room

The expansive menu includes sushi, noodles, salads, sandwiches and yakitori, as well as various cuts of steak, ribs and chicken. Other selections include an array of “Standard” dishes including shishito peppers served with creamy tofu curry and pickled Swiss chard stems; crispy spring rolls made with chicken, Thai basil, mint and chive fish sauce, served with butter lettuce cups; and chicken wings with a tangy BBQ sauce and green onion dip. Large plates include roasted half chicken, stuffed with bitter greens, accompanied by parsnip potato puree and haricot vert; and the Foo Burger, topped with house pickles, kosho aioli and garlic, accompanied by a side of shoestring potatoes and wasabi ketchup. The American Izakaya also focuses on healthier offerings with their large selection of “Greens” ranging from the simple Lucky Dragon Market Salad with ginger vinaigrette to the hearty Thai beef salad made with grilled beef tenderloin, watercress, papaya, cucumber, cilantro, mango, basil, mint and grapefruit with “awesome sauce” dressing. To satisfy noodle cravings, Lucky Foo’s features an assortment of noodle dishes such as ramen with classic braised pork belly, egg, nori, bamboo shoots and seasonal greens; as well as the restaurant’s non-broth ramen, cheese mazemen, made with smoked gouda, Monterey jack, parmesan, dashi and green onions.

With the use of the robata grill, Lucky Foos has a selection of yakitori-style grilled proteins including shrimp, beef, chicken, pork belly and shitake mushroom, which can be ordered a la carte or in a taco. Taco toppings include a choice of shredded cabbage; cilantro; tomatillo sauce; maple chipotle or cojita cheese.

Fresh sushi and sashimi selections, including specialty rolls, classic sushi rolls and traditional sushi, are also available. Some of Lucky Foo’s specialty rolls include the Lemon Roll, a California Roll topped with yellowtail, salmon, lemon yuzu and ponzu sauce; and the Lasagna Roll made with crab salad and avocado, topped with yum yum sauce, eel, Sriracha, micro greens and fried shallots. Lucky Foo’s sushi classics include the California Roll, Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Hamachi Roll. Lucky Foo’s sushi is made fresh to order with options including soy paper and brown rice.

At 5,000 total square feet with four vastly distinctive dining areas and seating for up to 180 guests, the inspiration of Lucky Foo’s design is luck and fortune. Each room, or microenvironment, was designed with a specific character or idea considered to be “lucky,” allowing for unique experiences each time a guest visits. For example, the restaurant’s patio named “Buddha” seats up to 36 guests and revolves around a custom crafted fountain of Budai, otherwise known as The Laughing Buddha. Inside, an additional room known as the KIMMI Bar, features fresh sushi selections amidst the backdrop of light, feminine tones and the restaurant’s rare KIMMI doll collection, the first of its kind for Las Vegas. The heart of Lucky Foo’s is known as Foo Square, a Tatami mat-lined dining room where DJs, along with other forms of entertainment take place, lending a unique social aspect to the setting. The main dining room, known as Belly of the Dragon, features dark wood tones and a massive mural by local artist, Sean Clauretie. “The various rooms will deliver a new experience with every visit,” says Fuller. “It’s stylish, but laid back and fun.” The overall design incorporates reclaimed and salvaged materials from the famed Hamada restaurant, including Tatami mats, hand-painted Taiko Asian drums, roof tiles, as well as the icons from various Asian cultures.

The staff at Lucky Foo’s don custom-created uniforms by Stitched, the local men’s clothier at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. With 17 high-definition televisions, Lucky Foo’s is ideal for catching the latest game or sports updates. Additionally, Lucky Foo’s features an array of cocktail and dining specials with a daily happy hour, as well as late-night entertainment that includes DJ sets and karaoke.

The dynamic venue is owned by The Beautiful Life and managed by Fuller and the Essential Group. With more than 20 years of experience, Fuller has opened and operated some of the top restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Las Vegas. Giordano spent many years working for world-renown chef, Wolfgang Puck, at Spago Las Vegas, Spago Beverly Hills and Trattoria Lupo, as well as experience consulting on various Tribeca hotspots including Smith & Mills, and Warren 77. Most recently, Giordano cooked privately for well-known photographer Annie Liebovitz.


Lucky Foos Restaurant & Bar has introduced a distinctive dining experience to the Green Valley area as an “American Izakaya,” a Japanese term for a highly social setting where family and friends gather for food and cocktails. Located at 8955 S. Eastern Ave. at a high-traffic intersection of the I-215 Beltway, Lucky Foo’s serves a menu that combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors with American cuisine. Lucky Foo’s is open Monday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to very late, with lunch service beginning Monday, Dec. 15. More information and reservations are available by calling 702.650.0669 or on the website at luckyfoos.com. Lucky Foo’s is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LuckyFoosLV, on Instagram at @LuckyFoos and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LuckyFoos.