Project Neon Public Works Project Almost Complete

Project Neon, which adds 20 miles of HOV lanes and widens Interstate 15 in Las Vegas, is almost complete after 3 years and $1 billion.

Project Neon
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Project Neon

The public works project, which is the most expensive in Nevada history, will wrap up on August 8, 2019, with a grand finale ribbon-cutting ceremony.

According to NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation) Project Neon consists of 20+ miles of HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes, 63 lane miles of asphalt paving and concrete, as well as 29 new bridges.

A standout feature of the project is the changes coming to Charleston Blvd, with a new Interstate 15 Northbound offramp and a reconfigured, full diamond interchange.

To help address traffic congestion on Nevada’s busiest freeway, Project Neon improves the system by reducing weave and merge traffic. Also, currently under testing, the project will have 42 active traffic management signs.

For all the moans and groans some people had for the project, it was imperative to do it. As NDOT says, the 4-mile stretch of road of which Project Neon is a part of, handles 300,000 cars a day, with that number expected to double in the next 20 years.

About Project Neon

Nearly two decades in the making, Project Neon is the largest public works project in Nevada history. Project NEON will widen 3.7 miles of Interstate 15 between Sahara Avenue and the “Spaghetti Bowl” interchange in downtown Las Vegas. It’s currently the busiest stretch of highway in Nevada with 300,000 vehicles daily or one-tenth of the state population, seeing 25,000 lane changes an hour. Traffic through the corridor is expected to double by 2035.

Learn more about Project Neon on their website.

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