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Thank you for your interest in wanting to contact Travelivery. Our goal is to provide our readers with relevant information about the travel and entertainment industry.

Please use our email address or mailing address below when sending things our way.

Reasons You May Wish to Contact Us

  • You might want to send us an invitation to your VIP party, show preview, restaurant and/or hotel opening, media event, movie premiere, etc. Please include the word Invite in the subject of your email and use our mailing address for things too large for an email.
  • You may have a product or service that you would like us to try out so we can review it for our readers. Please use our mailing address for all products and our email address for all services.
  • You might want to advertise on Travelivery? We have 3 great ways for you to reach our readers. Please visit our advertising page to learn more.
  • You may wish for us to travel and check out your business or event. Please send us an email with your plans. Currently, we only visit Southern California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Southern Utah.
  • You might be interested in hiring a photographer to photograph your upcoming event. We recommend To reach them, please email You can find their client list here.

Mailing Address – 4012 S. Rainbow Blvd. Ste. K412, Las Vegas, NV, 89103


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