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Hakkasan Las Vegas Special Menu for Lunar New Year

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Hakkasan, the world-class Chinese restaurant brand, will mark Lunar New Year with a celebratory and auspicious menu that utilizes ingredients traditionally thought to usher in good fortune.

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Hakkasan Las Vegas Lunar New Year Menu
Hakkasan Las Vegas Lunar New Year Menu

The limited-edition items will be served from January 25 to February 8 as part of a prix-fixe menu and will be available to order à la carte as well.

The three-course set menu is priced at $98 per person. Each course in the Lunar New Year menu was meticulously designed by Corporate Executive Chef Andrew Yeo and showcases his creative culinary expertise and theatrical flair.

Highlights of the menu include Golden treasure pockets with abalone and wild mushrooms, a delicately fried dumpling decorated with gold leaf. The shape of the dumpling resembles a money bag to symbolize the arrival of wealth in the new year, and the color gold represents riches. Scallops with taro mousseline and brown butter black bean sauce feature Maine king scallops, a prized ingredient denoting new opportunities and successes on the horizon.  Rounding off the menu is the indulgent Lucky Jie, a dessert with salted caramel ganache with mandarin, chili and cocoa that is presented as a Chinese knot to signify good fortune. Chinese knotting is an intricate and historic art form where fabrics are weaved into a varying of shapes denoting blessings and wishes for the year ahead.

Hakkasan will also offer a signature cocktail Cheng Zi made with Diplomático Mantuano rum, chili-infused Velvet Falernum, mandarin and chocolate sherbet. The mandarin is a lucky ingredient representing prosperity and fortune, making the cocktail the perfect complement to a festive Lunar New Year meal.

“Lunar New Year is the most significant Chinese holiday and is celebrated by countless people around the world,” said Corporate Executive Chef Andrew Yeo. “It is a very special time for families and loved ones to gather in a celebration of togetherness and look forward to a magnificent year ahead. For such a grand occasion, we created a menu that is packed with symbolic meaning for guests to ring in the new year with luck and fortune.”

Throughout Lunar New Year, interiors of Hakkasan locations will be adorned with red wishing ribbons featuring the lucky Chinese knot. The red color of the wishing ribbons symbolizes joy and good luck, creating an auspicious environment for guests to dine in. Guests are additionally invited to write their wishes for the year ahead on the ribbons to be hung on the restaurant’s wooden latticing.

On January 25, the first day of Lunar New Year, Hakkasan will welcome lion dancers into the restaurants for a special performance. A traditional Chinese custom, the lion dance is performed during festive occasions to invite wealth and prosperity while warding away evil spirits and misfortune.

The Lunar New Year menu will be served at Hakkasan New York, Hakkasan Las Vegas, and Hakkasan San Francisco, and advanced reservations are highly recommended. For reservations and more information, please call Hakkasan New York (+1.212.776.1818), Hakkasan San Francisco (+1.415.829.8148) or Hakkasan Las Vegas (+1.702.891.7888).


Established in 2001 in London, Hakkasan now has 12 restaurants around the world located in the United States, Middle East, India, Asia, and Europe, where both London restaurants hold a Michelin star. Hakkasan offers guests a world-class culinary experience. The menu is a modern interpretation of authentic Cantonese cuisine, using the finest ingredients and expert traditional techniques to create timeless yet innovative signature dishes.


Hakkasan Group is a renowned worldwide hospitality company with establishments across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Its namesake is taken from its Michelin star restaurant that sets the best-in-class standard for the diverse brands in the group’s collection. Their brand first philosophy creates restaurant, nightlife, and daylife venues into a world-class hospitality portfolio, all with a focus on service, design, and innovation that together, craft remarkable experiences for its guests. Its restaurant properties include Hakkasan, with 12 locations worldwide, Ling Ling, Yauatcha, Sake no Hana, Casa Calavera, Herringbone and Searsucker. Concepts under the nightlife umbrella are Hakkasan, Omnia, Jewel, and 1Oak Nightclub; and daylife brands include Omnia, Wet Republic, and Liquid. For more information, visit their website or connect with us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram @hakkasangroup.

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