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Tortilla Beach by Islands, A Delight in Mexican Cuisine 2023

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For over 40 years, Islands Restaurants has been synonymous with mouthwatering signature burgers, tropical drinks that transport you to an island paradise, and a laid-back beach-themed ambiance. Recently, the beloved restaurant chain unveiled a brand-new concept called Tortilla Beach by Islands, paying homage to a cherished facet of Southern California’s food culture.

Tortilla Beach by Islands
Tortilla Beach by Islands

About Tortilla Beach by Islands

This innovative delivery and take-out-based concept brings to the forefront the flavors of expertly crafted carne asada burritos, tacos, and bowls, infused with simple, fresh ingredients, and a distinctive Islands twist, capturing the hearts of both loyal patrons and newcomers alike.

At Tortilla Beach, the spotlight shines brightly on Mexican-inspired bowls, tacos, and burritos that offer a delightful culinary adventure with every bite. The key highlight lies in the fully customizable options, allowing diners to indulge in their preferences.

With four protein choices and a wide variety of housemade toppings, each visit guarantees a uniquely delicious experience. From the zesty and refreshing pineapple-cilantro slaw to the mouthwatering sherry and lime-seasoned tortilla strips that impart complex saltiness and satisfying crunch, every Tortilla Beach creation is a harmonious blend of flavors—a true testament to the cherished Islands’ culinary finesse, masterfully crafted to ensure a delightful experience, whether enjoyed in-house or through take-out and delivery.

As TK, one of the masterminds behind Tortilla Beach, shares, “Tortilla Beach was designed during the COVID shutdown when Islands realized that burgers and fries simply don’t travel very well. But burritos, bowls, and tacos do! So Tortilla Beach was designed to fit within the Islands’ brand while showcasing our beloved Southern California style of Mexican cuisine.”

True to the spirit of Islands Restaurants, no culinary journey is complete without a selection of cold, refreshing beverages and delectable desserts, and Tortilla Beach does not disappoint.

Patrons can savor expertly developed drinks like the tantalizing Chili Mangorita and the invigorating Sunburn Margarita, along with a range of cocktails like the Deep Blue Sea, featuring the Meili vodka endorsed by the charismatic actor, Jason Momoa.

Watch the video to see Jason Momoa serving the Deep Blue Sea

And for those with a sweet tooth, Tortilla Beach presents an array of toppings for their enticingly gooey Tres Leches Cake—a divine and indulgent finale to a memorable meal.

Tortilla Beach by Islands has extended its culinary reach to ensure accessibility and convenience for diners. Whether you prefer to enjoy the scrumptious offerings from the comfort of your home or savor the ambiance at your local Islands restaurant, you can find Tortilla Beach on popular delivery platforms such as UberEats, Doordash, and the official Islands Restaurants website.

Tortilla Beach by Islands
Tortilla Beach by Islands

In summary, Tortilla Beach by Islands embraces the essence of Southern California’s rich culinary landscape, infusing the region’s love for Mexican cuisine with the renowned Islands touch.

With its delectable array of fully customizable bowls, tacos, and burritos, along with expertly crafted drinks and delightful desserts, Tortilla Beach promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey, perfectly tailored for take-out, and delivery, and inviting diners to experience the cherished Islands flavor, all within the comfort of their own homes or at their nearest Islands restaurant.

Islands Restaurants’ dedication to quality and simplicity remains unwavering, ensuring that every visit to Tortilla Beach is an escape to a tropical haven, where the taste of Southern California meets the vibrant spirit of Mexico.

About Islands Restaurants

Since its inception in 1982, Islands Restaurants has been steadfast in its commitment to providing the finest quality food and an exceptional dining experience.

The company’s philosophy revolves around the belief that eating out should be a simple pleasure, reflected in the use of fresh, top-quality ingredients in their signature burgers—never frozen—and daily fresh-cut fries. Complemented by an array of tantalizing tropical drinks, all served in a laid-back, beach-inspired environment, Islands Restaurants embodies the spirit of California’s coastal lifestyle.

With its headquarters in Carlsbad, California, the company currently operates 42 restaurants across California and Arizona, continuing to win the hearts of food enthusiasts who seek a delightful escape to the tropics without ever leaving the neighborhood.

For more information, visit, and stay updated by following Islands on Twitter and Instagram via @IslandsBurgers, and liking Islands at

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