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Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse Celebrates National Rum Day

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  • Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at Flamingo Las Vegas to celebrate National Rum Day on August 16.
  • Try the Emerald Isle, Highway 21, Jungle Bird, Mother Superior, and The Millionaire Cocktail.
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Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse at Flamingo Las Vegas invites guests to celebrate National Rum Day on Sunday, Aug. 16.

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Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse
Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse

A favorite spirit of the 1940s, the all-new steakhouse has introduced a rum program that incorporates a wide range of rum cocktails as well as unique luxury sipping offerings.

Bugsy & Meyer’s has taken its cocktail menu and recreated 1940s Cuba, a period that was known for fun, sun and indulgence. With rum as a cornerstone ingredient of its beverage menu, Bugsy & Meyer’s cocktail highlights include:

  • Jungle Bird is made with Cruzan black strap rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup with a pineapple wedge and leaf.
  • The Millionaire is made with Myer’s Jamaican dark rum, Sloe gin, Apry Liqueur, lime juice and garnished with a lime wheel.
  • Mother Superior is made with Flor de Caña 4 Extra Seco, Grenadine, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and pineapple juice.
  • Emerald Isle is made with Bacardi superior rum, Chareau Aloe liqueur, Demerara syrup, lime juice, Q soda and garnished with mint leaves and a dehydrated lime wheel.
  • Highway 21 is made with Rhum Clément Canne Bleue, Crème de Pamplemousse liqueur, refreshing grapefruit juice, lime juice and garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel.

The cocktail menu brings special attention to the highest quality selections, offering an impressive collection of more than 50 different varietals of rum from various brands and origins. Some distinct brands include:

  • The oldest and most notorious of all Jamaican rums, Appleton Estate comes from a 265-year-old plantation and distillery. The brand utilizes the classic Jamaican technique of molasses rums aged in pot-stills, yielding rich robust and spicy rums.
  • A masterfully blended rum sourced from Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, and Indonesia – Bank’s Rum is a genuine style spirit that preserves the history of the rum importing industry in Europe.
  • A lifelong dream of rum industry legend Francisco Jose Fernandez Perez “Don Poncho” was to show the diversity of what Cuban-style rums can be, particularly with extended aging. He created an exclusive style with no bottling under eight-years-old, called Don Pancho Origenes.
  • Facundo rums are known as unique sipping rums from the private reserves of the Bacardi family. A culmination of over 150 years in rum-making, each style is blended specifically to showcase the diversity of what rums can be and focuses –on an under-appreciated category, which is making a resurgence.
  • Founded in 1890 in Nicaragua, a classic Spanish-style molasses rum distilled in columns and aged at a multitude of offerings – Flor de Cana is fair trade certified, carbon neutral, and made with sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Made with fresh pressed sugar cane, the most expensive production of rum styles – Rhum Clement is French-style rum from the Caribbean island, Martinique.
  • A classic Guatemalan rum, Ron Zacapa is aged in the solera style – younger aged rums blended into consecutively older casks, annually and systematically, for a set number of years. It is aged at higher altitude, allowing a longer, gentile and consistent temperature aging process, which offers a consistently smooth and refined rum.
  • A rum lover’s dream, Samaroli is an independent rum bottler located in Italy, specializing in only rum and Scotch. The Samaroli company only buys selected rums, unaged from the source and independently matures the spirit in Italy– selections are random, one-of-a-kind and limited.

From menu, design, and atmosphere, Bugsy & Meyer’s takes notes from the past and adds fresh and elevated twists. Guests are transported from the moment they arrive, as they enter through the bakery façade, and pass the kitchen and dry aged meat cooler, giving the illusion of discreetly entering through the back as many did decades ago. From there, there are six unique experiences for guests in the space—the patio and lounge, the centerpiece bar, private dining in one of three private dining rooms perfect for groups, the raw bar, the ornate dining room and the hidden speakeasy—The Count Room.

Bugsy & Meyer’s follows Caesars Entertainment’s previously announced enhanced health and safety protocols, which build on existing plans and practices. Caesars management is focused on the well-being of team members, guests and the community, and is working to create an environment with enhanced standards of sanitization and physical distancing practices. Examples of these protocols in the restaurant include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Appropriate social distancing with tables 6 ft. apart
  • Restaurant occupancy reduced to 50% of fire code capacity in accordance with government directives
  • Place settings have been removed and will be brought throughout the meal
  • Team members are required to wear masks
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at multiple points

For more information on Caesars’ health and safety protocols, visit: www.Caesars.com/health.

About Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse

Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse is open Thursday- Monday from 5-10 p.m., closed Tuesday-Wednesday. It is located across from the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat main entrance.

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