Onedome Introduces Interactive Fine Dining

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Known for their immersive art and technology experiences, Onedome, in partnership with Storylab and Monarch Catering, has joined forces to create a unique combination of exquisite cuisine and interactive digital art, appropriately titled, F.E.A.S.T (Fine Dining Entertainment Art Story Technology)


Going out to dinner never gets old—especially if it means trying a revolutionary new fine dining experience.

“This unique co-creation between our immersive arts company Onedome, culinary curation by renowned french chefNick Ronan and the team from Pawn Shop/Monarch, and stunning interactive table-top digital art by Storylab Inc – sets the scene for an immersive fine dining experience that San Francisco has never seen the likes of. This is going to be deliciously fun.” – Becca Dakini – Co-Founder, Onedome

Great guests and good vibes all play a part in capturing the aura of the evening. However, each F.E.A.S.T has a few key elements including:

  • Table-top interactive digital art and immersive entertainment for up to 32 guests
  • A delicious 5-course tasting menu and wine pairing, created and presented by renowned Chef Nick Ronan of the Pawn Shop and Bisou.
  • Unique herbal elixir cocktails from Elixart
  • Admission to the LMNL gallery, an interactive digital labyrinth of 14 rooms & installations.

As for the flow of the night, guests are welcomed into the space with a specially crafted elixir from Onedome residents, Elixart and are immediately submerged into the theme of the season, which is currently called “Flourish.”

As they enter the main dining room, guests are seated at their table, alive with interactive digital art. Their 5-course dining experience begins with Chef Nick Ronan presenting an overview of the night’s culinary journey and returning throughout the evening to present each course. Between each presentation, their table transforms into various scenes depicting the flourishing colors and expressions of spring. Guests will be able to create their own landscapes as they directly interact with the table-top digital art and images!

The dinner experience ends with a delicious dessert and an invitation to visit the LMNL gallery downstairs, where participants can continue to explore.

“We are all excited to launch F.E.A.S.T! Creating unique interactive dining experiences offers friends, families, and even corporate teams the perfect setting to collaborate and connect unlike anything ever offered in the Bay Area.”– Chris Deckker – Director of Operations, Onedome

Seeing is believing. Seats are limited, so please make your reservations and join the F.E.A.S.T.  For the latest on what’s happening at Onedome, follow @onedomeglobal on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter.

About Onedome

Onedome is an immersive media company. They use creativity to inspire collaboration, connection, and community by creating and curating interactive arts and immersive entertainment in partnership with global artists, visionaries and innovators.

Onedome is launching a series of location-based entertainment destinations. They launched their first two installations at a 20,000 sq ft venue during the Fall of 2018– The Unreal Garden and LMNL. This location is based at 1025 Market Street in San Francisco, with 10 more locations planned over the next five years across the US.

Learn more on their website.

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