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Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco Celebrates Summer

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This summer, there’s no cooler place to make memories that last a lifetime than Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC).

Museum of Ice Cream
Museum of Ice Cream

To celebrate the season synonymous with ice cream, MOIC launches its newest experience ‘Summer Camp’ on July 4th in San Francisco! Join fellow “campers” on an unforgettable adventure filled with summer-inspired activities and treats, and earn camp badges along the way.


A Sweeter Theater Experience
Enter MOIC’s reinvented iconic theater for a sweet take on the well-loved “River-Crossing Game,” where campers cross the River of Color to find treasures. With special color superpowers, campers jump across on colored dots for an ultimate reward: juicepops!

Craft with Dippin’ Dots
In Celebration, campers create friendship bracelets, a keychain for the new school year, or a gift for a special someone from MOIC’s wall of beads, all while tasting custom Dippin’ Dots flavors. 

The S’more Sweets, the Better
Stop by Marye’s, MOIC’s camp cafeteria to participate in the ultimate ice cream trivia for the chance to earn a sweet treat that has campers asking for s’more: a marshmallow soft-serve ice cream in a chocolate-dipped mini cone dusted with graham cracker crumbs. Yum!

Starry Sky in Mint Jungle
Campers gather to tell stories under the twinkling starry sky while sharing their greatest adventure or journey they aspire to go on while snacking on ice cream Chipwiches.

Taste the Rainbow
Campers put their youthful imaginations to play in the Rainbow Room as they pretend to be their favorite animal in order to earn a wildlife badge, which grants them access to taste MOIC’s unicorn mascot’s favorite treat: the creamsicle pie!

Lifeguard on Duty
Hang with MOIC’s lifeguard on duty as happy campers dive into the world’s largest sprinkle pool to test their swimming skills in order to earn their final badge and become an official Sprinkle Scout. Take shots over the pool with the new basketball hoop, and don’t forget to catch a ride down the slide!


Tickets for ‘Summer Camp’ are available on their website through September 22. Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco is open Wednesday-Monday. Tickets include ice cream tastings and treats exclusive to Museum of Ice Cream’s San Francisco location! Tickets are $38 per person (children 2 and under are free) or $29 per person for groups of 10 or more and are available in advance, online only.

Museum of Ice Cream is located at 1 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA.


Museum of Ice Cream transforms ideas into spaces that provoke the imagination. Museum of Ice Cream is inspired and invigorated by the spirit of inclusive energy in the Bay Area. MOIC loves calling San Francisco its first permanent home and has become a dedicated member of the local community. Through these immersive shows and more, MOIC provides visitors a safe place to connect and unite with each other through positivity, imagination, and creativity.

Learn more on their website.

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