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Museum of Ice Cream 2.0 Launches Sprinkle Spectacular

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Museum of Ice Cream 2.0 launches today in San Francisco! After welcoming 1.3 million guests across five locations and selling out for 12 months straight, Museum of Ice Cream made San Francisco its first permanent location in Fall 2018, using it as an innovation lab to launch new experiences, shows, and products.

Museum of Ice Cream Team
Museum of Ice Cream Team

Museum of Ice Cream proudly presents the next generation product, MOIC 2.0 featuring a newly reimagined experience including our largest Sprinkle Pool to date (4x the size!), new installations, limited-run shows, brand new ice cream tastings, and a free and publicly accessible cafe and shop that will make bay area foodies melt!!

What Museum of Ice Cream Has Accomplished:

  • Built a Movement
    • The MOIC movement has spread across the globe. Having employed over 1,000 millennials, our #TEAMMOIC, experiences, products, and mission have reached every city in America and touched over 80 countries. 
    • Since launching in 2016, ice cream has remained the power force behind uniting our community, fulfilling the real meaning of MOIC: “Movement Of Imagination and Connection.” We are on a mission to unite the world through its universal love of ice cream. 
  • Created Unprecedented Demand
    • In New York City, Museum of Ice Cream faced a 200,000 person waitlist after its initial 2016 run. In Los Angeles, only 1 in 10 inquiries was able to secure tickets during its ten-month residency. Museum of Ice Cream then expanded to Miami Beach before arriving at its iconic, permanent home in San Francisco, in the heart of downtown San Francisco and right by Union Square.
  • “Offline” Innovation
    • Museum of Ice Cream has sought to reignite innovation in the offline world, spurning entertainment and brand concepts to rethink a personal approach to retail, hospitality, and entertainment. 

Why San Francisco?

  • After selling out 500,000 tickets over its first year, MOIC decided that its iconic location in the historic bank building in the center of Silicon Valley would be its first permanent flagship and innovation lab.
  • Provide an alternative narrative to the tech conversation in San Francisco, that social media or mobile technology can never replace or surpass human to human connection… or even compete with a delicious ice cream sundae with rainbow sprinkles.

Tech as the dominant force in the Bay Area has increased, not replaced, the critical need for people to physically connect. Social media is not making our communities stronger, and in the face of a turbulent world, Museum of Ice Cream has proven the power of ice cream in uniting people with over 1.3 million visitors, 50+ wedding engagements, 10,000+ birthday parties, and countless other special moments shared within its walls.

Today, the Museum of Ice Cream 2.0 launches with a reimagined experience. New exhibitions, characters, and treats will delight and surprise. The beloved Sprinkle Pool will return, but 4x larger with a slide, ADA accessibility, and larger, biodegradable sprinkles that will never leave the building. Our Cafe 1905C and Shop will debut brand new products and ice cream flavors and will be free and open for San Franciscans to enjoy a taste of MOIC any day.

Museum of Ice Cream 2.0 is launching with its first-ever, limited-run immersive experience “Sprinkle Spectacular.” Running April 4-May 27, our new characters will lead you on an adventure through the Museum, ending in the world’s largest sprinkle pool party!

The Highlights of MOIC 2.0 SF Edition

  • Guests swirl down a slide into a theater situated beneath the Sprinkle Pool
  • Guests eat ice cream sandwiches in pink velvet theater seats, where a character meets them to start the adventure
  • A decadent diner with an MOIC twist on your classic fries and dip
  • An exploding pinata-themed candy spree! 
  • A new and improved Sprinkle Pool, 4x the original size with a slide, biodegradable sprinkles, and ADA accessibility so that you can literally swim all day long! 
  • The public Cafe 1905C, accessible to all, no tickets required! Local cafe partners include Tea People, Andytown Coffee, Strauss Creamery Milk, and Oatly
  • A brand new retail collection filled with rainbow-themed merchandise for all ages


Tickets were released on March 7 on their website for Sprinkle Spectacular starting April 4th and ending May 27th. Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco is open Wednesday-Monday. Tickets include ice cream tastings and treats exclusive to Museum of Ice Cream’s San Francisco location! Tickets are $38 per person (children 2 and under are free) or $29 per person for groups of 10 or more and are available in advance, online only.

Museum of Ice Cream is located at 1 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA.


Museum of Ice Cream transforms ideas into spaces that provoke the imagination. Museum of Ice Cream is inspired and invigorated by the spirit of inclusive energy in the Bay Area. MOIC loves calling San Francisco its first permanent home and has become a dedicated member of the local community. Through these immersive shows and more, MOIC provides visitors a safe place to connect and unite with each other through positivity, imagination, and creativity.

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