Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer has Grasshopper Tacos & Guac

Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer is expanding its menu with the addition of the now-trending grasshopper.

Carnitas Taco with Chapulines at Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer
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Carnitas Taco with Chapulines at Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer

These aren’t the Las Vegas grasshoppers you’ve seen in swarms around town, though. Sourced directly from Oaxaca, Mexico, Santos’ Chapulines (aka grasshoppers) are an authentic and centuries-old food tradition in Central Mexico and now available at downtown Las Vegas’ favorite taco shop.

“We originally planned to open Santos with Grasshopper Guacamole but ended up taking it off the opening menu,” said Eduardo Cordova, Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer’s Managing Partner. “With the great Las Vegas grasshopper invasion, now is the perfect time to bring it back and officially add it to the menu. We are sourcing directly from Oaxaca – where we also source our mole – and are excited to have these traditional dishes for our Las Vegas audience to experience and enjoy.”


Santos’ new menu items include the Guacamole with Chapulines and Carnitas Taco with Chapulines. Sautéed in olive oil, onion and chile de arbol, Santos’ grasshoppers are perfectly crunchy and salty – making them an incredible garnish or main protein.

For the Guacamole with Chapulines, the grasshoppers are sprinkled atop its signature guac; while the Carnitas Taco with Chapulines is made with a handmade tortilla layered with refried beans, Santos’ slow-cooked pork, sautéed grasshoppers, and garnished with onions, cilantro and salsa verde.

Hop on in for these new grasshopper menu items!

Guacamole with Chapulines at Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer
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Guacamole with Chapulines at Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer


Santos Guisados Tacos & Beers is Las Vegas’ first guisado taco shop. Conceptualized by Las Vegas hospitality veteran, Eduardo Cordova, and located in downtown Las Vegas, Santos pays homage to the homestyle dishes Cordova enjoyed while growing up in Mexico, featured in a taco format made with homemade tortillas. The 40-seat restaurant draws its décor inspiration from Mexican churches and showcases traditional and non-traditional Mexican saint and angel décor highlighted by playful celebrity saint candles, an entire wall illuminated in candlelight, and a mural by local artist José “Killz” Lopez. Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer is located at 616 E. Carson Avenue and is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. For more information on Santos please visit their website or call 702-826-3515. Get social with Santos by following on Facebook and Instagram.

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