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Las Vegas Taxi Flat Rates To & From McCarran Airport in Effect

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Update: As of September 4, 2021, the rates are $1 higher, $20, $24, and $28, respectively

As of December 20, 2019, you will only have to pay a Las Vegas Taxi Flat Rate when traveling from McCarran Airport to a Las Vegas Strip hotel or from a Las Vegas Strip hotel to McCarran Airport.

Las Vegas Taxi's Zone Based Pricing Map
Las Vegas Taxi’s Zone-Based Pricing Map

Why Have Las Vegas Taxi Flat Rates?

There has been some speculation as to why Flat Rate taxi fares have been implemented by the Taxicab Authority. We personally feel there are two reasons.

  1. A flat rate from the airport to a Strip hotel and from a Strip hotel to the airport makes taxis more competitive with Uber and Lyft. Why? An advantage taxis have over ridesharing options is that it’s illegal for taxis to impose a surge or prime price because there are more riders than taxis available, as ridesharing companies do. With a flat rate, the passenger will know how much the taxicab price will be every time. This can even allow the passenger to budget their transportation cost ahead of time, as opposed to it being a variable.
  2. A flat rate from the airport to a Strip hotel and from a Strip hotel to the airport will virtually eliminate all cab drivers from long hauling passengers to and from the airport. Long hauling has been a problem for years in the taxicab industry. Because of it, many passengers decided to take other transportation options, rather than gamble on whether or not their cab driver was going to long haul them.

In our opinion, this move by the Taxicab Authority is a long time coming and we are happy that it’s here now.

Now, you might be asking, who benefits from a flat rate to and from the airport and Las Vegas Strip hotel? Is it the cab drivers or cab passengers? Both actually. Here’s why:

  1. Since the beginning of time, the rule for cab drivers has always been that they are to take the shortest route possible to the passenger’s destination. That didn’t mean the fastest route, just the shortest route. Many times, when traveling to and from some hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, the fastest way isn’t always the shortest way. Let’s take Treasure Island for example. When leaving the airport the fastest way would be to take the airport tunnel, to the 215, to the 15, exit at Spring Mountain, then take a right at the first light. That entire trip can be done without ever stopping at a traffic signal. As opposed to the potential of hitting, approximately 8 traffic signals when traveling via the surface streets, Swenson to Harmon, Harmon to Paradise, Paradise to Sands, then Sands to Las Vegas Blvd. The freeway is faster, although it would cost $5 to $7 more. Now, the cab driver can take whichever route they want, based on their knowledge of the traffic at the time.
  2. For the passenger, as stated before, they now know what price they are going to pay, regardless of which route the cab driver takes. If the cab driver wants to take the freeway because it’s faster, the passenger pays the same amount either way. The passenger doesn’t have to worry if they might pay $30 from the airport to their hotel and $20 from their hotel to the airport. The price will always be the same. Another thing the passenger might enjoy is not seeing the meter tick away, adding more money to their trip, while they are sitting in traffic. That worry will be non-existent for the passenger, as long as their trip is to or from the airport.

We put together a couple of lists to make it easy for you to find out what the Las Vegas Taxi Flat Rates are, either by Zone or by Hotel. Click either link below.

All in all, we feel that this decision makes a ton of sense for trips to and from the airport and Las Vegas Strip hotels for the passengers and drivers alike. Good job Taxicab Authority and Las Vegas Cab Companies.

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