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Frosty Key Tag – $2 for 365 Days of Free Jr. Frosty Treats at Wendy’s

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Did you know you could get 365 days of Free Jr. Frosty treats from Wendy’s for only $2 with a Frosty Key Tag?

Wendy's Physical Frosty Key Tag
Physical Frosty Key Tag
Wendy's Digital Frosty Key Tag
Digital Frosty Key Tag

It’s true. The sweetest holiday tradition is back. For the rest of this year, you can get a $2 Frosty Key Tag that gets you a FREE Jr. Frosty with purchase every day until the end of next year. And even though it’s a Frosty, it’ll still warm hearts because every Key Tag sold benefits the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®

Choose whether you want to go old school with a physical Key Tag for your keychain and receive a bonus app-exclusive offer for a free fry with purchase OR get a Frosty at your fingertips with a digital tag that lives in the Wendy’s app.

You can order your Key Tag online here.

App Store
Google Play Store

About the Frosty Key Tag

And not just to eat, either. Proceeds from every Key Tag sold support Wendy’s commitment to help the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption find loving, adoptive homes for children waiting in foster care. Thank you for helping to make the dream of a forever family come true for thousands of children in need.

Learn more about the foundation here.


  • How long are they good for? Do they expire? – They’re good for a full year, but you have to purchase it no later than January.
  • Can I buy key tags in bulk? – Yes. But to buy in bulk, it’s recommended you do so in a physical store.
  • How do I redeem the key tag? – Physical tags can be shown when placing the order. Digital tags can be applied as a mobile offer.
  • Can I use the Key Tag more than once per visit? – It’s only good once per visit, but if you come back in an hour or so, you probably can use it again. Shhhhhh
Frosty Key Tag

What is a Frosty?

It’s a frozen dairy dessert sold in chocolate and vanilla flavors. The Frosty flavors are also sold as a float. Recently, Frosty Shakes – a Frosty blended with either caramel, strawberry, or chocolate fudge syrup – have been served at Wendy’s.

You can even get Frosty with coffee, which they call a Frosty-ccino, a cross between a Frosty milkshake and a cold-brew coffee.

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