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Weekend Travel Tips to Improve Your Getaway

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Weekend travel should feel like a vacation

To ensure that your workweek goes as smoothly as possible, you should try to make weekend travel part of your plans. Your trip doesn’t need to be a big one. If you plan right, even a few days can feel like a couple of weeks. We’re going to discuss how to maximize those small trips and improve them.

So, let’s start loading that weekend and check out 10 tips to improve your weekend travel.

Weekend Loading
Weekend Loading

1. Take your trip on the road

Taking a road trip does mean you have to go far. Simply stopping at a couple of places while on the road will help make your weekend travel feel longer. Visit some small towns within a short drive from you. You’re bound to find fun stores to shop at, cool points of interest to explore, and lots of tasty eateries.

2. Make 2 days feel longer

The best way to make your trip feel longer than it normally would is to leave earlier than you thought you might. Have your bags packed and in your car when you go to work on Friday. Then, right after work, head to your getaway spot to eat dinner. If you can get off work early on Friday or maybe even Thursday, that would help too. Also, don’t come home until late Sunday night. You will feel refreshed as if you’ve been on vacation for a week.

3. Leave your tech devices at behind

In this day in age, tech devices are a part of our daily lives. But remember, you’re supposed to be on vacation. So, if checking your emails isn’t a priority, leave them for Monday. Update your social media with all your pictures and videos when you get home. Also, leave your phone behind on your adventures and just take a regular camera with you.

4. Keep your trip close

You’re supposed to be enjoying your weekend travel. Spending 6 hours on a plane or 12 hours driving in a car isn’t the best way to maximize your weekend. Visiting points of interest within a 4-hour drive to you is ideal. A trip to the beach, the mountains, a lake, theme park, etc is a great way to feel far removed from your regular life, without having the anxiety that comes with traveling far away.

5. Make where you live your playground

Ahhhh yes, the staycation. They are the best. Go to that cool boutique hotel that you always hear about or check out a funky Airbnb. You can stay close to home, while still feeling a world away if you let yourself. Remember, this is your time to relax. If the drive to your escape is only 30 minutes away, that just gives you more time to enjoy your weekend.

6. It will only feel like a vacation if you treat it like one

Take the time to research and plan for your adventure ahead of time. The benefit of this is that you’ll be excited the entire workweek for your upcoming trip. Not having something to look forward to isn’t as exciting as having specific plans. When you plan ahead, you’ll get the most out of the weekend.

7. You make the rules when you go by yourself

Although trips with others can be fun, they can also be stressful. Compromising with others means that you might not get to do everything that you want to do. When you travel solo, you get to decide what, when, and where. You’ll also be more encouraged to chat with the locals and learn about other cool spots. One of the best ways to do this is to sit at the bar in a restaurant, not at a table. You’ll be able to chat up others at the bar and the bartender. They always have great tips and fun stories to share.

8. Do things that you’ll remember for a lifetime

Weekend travel is perfect for creating memories. This is the time you should treat yourself. So, go on that hiking trip. Finally, jump out of that airplane. Or simply spend the day at the spa relaxing. The weekend is yours. Do those things that you’ll always remember.

9. Check out the road less traveled

The road less traveled doesn’t have to be completely new. It just should be new to you. If you normally drive East, then go West. If you normally spend your time in the city, go to the country. The idea is to escape the norm. Become an explorer and go discover new and exciting things.

10. Families can have great weekend getaways too

Weekends aren’t just for single people or couples, they are for families too. If you have little ones, make sure you keep an eye out for things to do with kids. You want your kids to have as much fun as you. This is the time for them to also take a break from the norm. Let them seek adventure and maybe even have dessert for breakfast.

At end of the day, it’s your life and you should live it to the fullest. Make sure to embrace those things that others may see as limitations. Make these weekend getaways so amazing, that your co-workers will be able to tell you had an amazing time just by looking at you.

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