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Haunted Houses AND Mexican Food?! Yes Please!

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Halloween is MY favorite holiday and going to haunted houses is something I’ve done way back when I was a kid in Southern California. I don’t get scared really. I would say I enjoy them more for the creativity and design, as well as the way they attempt to scare you.

The other night, the awesome team at Freakling Bros. Horror Shows invited my friend and me down to check out their three haunted houses, the COVEN of 13, Castle Vampyre, and the over-the-top, Gates of Hell.

I always get asked if I’ve gone in Gates of Hell. I think it’s because a lot of people are freaked out because you have to sign a waiver before you go in. Yes, I’ve been inside the Gates of Hell haunted house several times. Every time, it’s as crazy as the last. This year they added a section called The Men’s Room. I’ll let your imagination run wild with what happens in there. But, I implore you to check out Gates of Hell. You won’t find another haunted house like it.

We had VIP wristbands, the Freak Pass. Which I suggest that you get. Not only do you go in a separate line, but you get unlimited trips through all the houses for the entire night. They are just as scary the second time through. If you want to learn more about the houses, visit their website.

If you want to see a video I uploaded to YouTube about the houses from a couple of years ago, you can check it out at the bottom of this post.

Now, if you have kiddos in your group or folks that just don’t like haunted houses, don’t worry. There is a pumpkin patch next door. It’s called the Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch. Not only do they have pumpkins, but they have attractions, including inflatable slides and obstacles courses, a bounce house, plenty of games and mechanical rides, a bungee trampoline jump, and even a petting zoo. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

You can also check out the TikTok I made about both places below. Make sure to give Travelivery a follow.


Looking for ##halloween activities in ##Vegas? Head toward IKEA & check out ##freaklingbros and the ##pumpkinpatch ♬ original sound – Travelivery

Now, after all of those scares inside the haunted houses, my friend and I were STARVING. So, we headed over to one of MY favorite Mexican food places in Las Vegas. It is called El Dorado Cantina and it’s literally a mile away from the haunted houses, check out the map below, which made it SUPER convenient. And, they are open 24 hours a day.

Many people know about El Dorado Cantina’s locations at Sapphire and Tivoli Village, but some don’t know about their location at Centra Point. Below are some photos from that location.

My friend and I shared the guacamole, prepared tableside, while I had the carnitas, and she had chicken lettuce wraps. Everything was so good. Below are the photos of what we had.

Of course, MY recommendation is for you to do everything that I just did. 🙂 Because it made for an awesome night. Whichever way you decide to celebrate Halloween this month, make sure to do at least a few of these.

Happy Halloween!!!

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