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Lucky Foos Restaurant & Bar, located at 8955 S. Eastern Ave., is putting the “happy” in happy hour with their brand-new menu, offered daily from 4 to 6 p.m.

Lucky Foos - Shishoto Peppers with Pickled Swiss Chard Stems and Creamy Tofu Dressing
Lucky Foos – Shishoto Peppers with Pickled Swiss Chard Stems and Creamy Tofu Dressing

Created by Executive Chef Shawn Giordano, the happy hour menu includes an array of Lucky Foos signature dishes, all priced at $7. The menu offers “Starters,” “Standards,” selections from the robata grill and sushi rolls. Happy hour items include ebiyaki, deep fried Japanese shrimp-battered balls with ginger and bonito flakes; chicken fried rice made with kimchee, fried egg and bacon; and charred shishito peppers made with creamy kosho aioli.

Fresh sushi selections include the classic lasagna roll made with crab salad, avocado, yum yum sauce, cream cheese, eel Sriracha, micro greens and fried shallots; the salmon skin roll made with cucumber and topped with masago, kaiware and sweet chili; and the Philadelphia roll made with salmon, avocado and cream cheese.

Diners may also enjoy $5 well drinks with sake and wine specials available upon request.


Lucky Foos Restaurant & Bar has introduced a distinctive dining experience to the Green Valley area as an “American Izakaya,” a Japanese term for a highly social setting where family and friends gather for food and cocktails. Located at 8955 S. Eastern Ave. at a high-traffic intersection of the I-215 Beltway, Lucky Foo’s serves a menu that combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors with American cuisine. Lucky Foos is open Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to very late.

“The Green Valley area is bustling with new businesses and activity,” says Lucky Foos owner and managing partner, Michael Fuller. “We are excited to have Lucky Foos be a part of that excitement, and have received a warm welcome from our neighbors.”

With an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and cuisine, Executive Chef Shawn Giordano, whose experience spans London, Italy, Hawaii and New York, has developed a menu full of innovative dishes that blend Japanese, Thai and Mediterranean ingredients and techniques with classic American dishes. Using a robata grill as the anchor of the kitchen, the focus of Lucky Foo’s menu are dishes that are fresh, flavorful and healthy. Using a traditional Japanese coal called binchotan, which burns at 1,000 degrees, the robata grill cooks food faster, sealing in the delicious juices of Lucky Foos signature dishes. Lucky Foo’s also offers happy hour, children’s and late-night menus.

More information and reservations are available by calling 702.650.0669 or on the website at http://luckyfoos.com/. Lucky Foos is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LuckyFoosLV, on Instagram at @LuckyFoos and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/LuckyFoos.