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Sun Buggy Fun Rentals

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Ever see those dune buggies on TV or in the movies and wonder how you could drive one? Well, on the outskirts of Las Vegas sits your chance to experience a seldom duplicated rush of adrenaline. We’re talking about the off-road adventures from Sun Buggy Fun Rentals.

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals
Sun Buggy Fun Rentals

They have custom-designed vehicles that were built to handle the harsh terrain of the desert. With four different tours, including safety features like protective roll cages, 4-point harnesses, gloves, goggles, and full face helmets, Sun Buggy is unequalled in the off-road industry. Worried about how you’re going to get out to their facility? Don’t. You can leave the driving to Sun Buggy, as they have a free hotel shuttle service.

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals 4 Tours

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Mini Baja Chase: Race past rocks, cliffs and through dunes as you chase down an expert driver in a 30-minute ride. Rolling Stone magazine has called this tour, “Sin City’s Best Near Death Experience.” You can either blaze down gravel and washed out creek beds, or take your time. You have all the control in the world, since you’re the one behind the wheel. If you prefer, you can ride along with a guide. Given all the safety features on your vehicle, you’ll know your racer can take whatever you throw at it during the Mini Baja Chase.

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Valley of Fire Tour: One of the most picturesque hiking and off-roading areas in the country is Valley of Fire. Valley of Fire Tour is a sedate and scenic ride. The only dune buggy rental company permitted by both the Parks Department and Bureau of Land Management for rides in Valley of Fire State Park, is Sunny Buggy Fun Rentals. As you ride along approved paths, at specified speed limit, through the Valley of Fire, you’ll have fantastic photo opportunities of the red sand and beautiful rock formations. Not only that, but it’s possible that you may see Big Horn Sheep or other wildlife on this amazing tour. You’ll have a fantastic time, no matter if it’s you or your guide handling the journey through the Valley of Fire.

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Mini Dakar Combo Package: If you want a mixture of the Mini Baja Chase and the Valley of Fire Tour, would would suggest the Mini Dakar Combo Package. You’ll start off your adventure on a guided 2 ½-hour off-road tour through beautiful and rugged terrain of the Valley of Fire State Park. After you’ve fueled up with lunch. you’ll head out on a 60-minute Mini Baja Chase. With Las Vegas Strip and Lake Mead on the horizon, you’ll finding yourself next to sheer cliffs, a place called Rattle Snake Rocks, and Look Out Dune. This all-day event is something to check off the bucket list and gives the bachelor more than he can handle.

Sun Buggy Fun Rentals Amargosa Big Dune Adventure: The tallest dunes in North America, the Amargosa Big Dunes, are a short two-hour ride from the Las Vegas Strip. After you’re taught how to drive the buggies and negotiate the sand razorbacks, you’ll be on your own to freely roam. This off-road excursion will have you (and as many as six in a single buggy) speeding up sand dunes over 500 feet tall. These heights are cause by the bowls formed between the large dunes. This is an all-day tour that includes lunch. You’ll also get plenty of free ice-cold bottled water. This is definitely an area you must experience to believe.

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